Dear World,

Did you got the Message?

Temples are closed

Mosques are closed

Churches are closed

No work

No money

No fun

We can’t even see each other

Looks like the earth fed up from us


Cuz money and Authority makes us blindly

Cuz we forget our religions

Cuz we forget about humanity

Cuz we forget about poor people

Cuz we forget about helping others

Cuz we forget about Love

Cuz we forget to be thankful for what have


This small thing makes all of us stay at home and feel unsafe!!!!

We wish this message gonna change the world!

Don’t worry!

You will not get more than you deserve

Every start it has End,

Every end has a new start

Every day there is darkness of the night but always after there is also the Morning light!

Dear world people,

Back to your mind

Don’t forget that you are human and the others are humans like you!

Help each other

Love each other

Pay it forward

Be the givers not the takers

Stay positive

Stay strong

Stay patient

Stay home and protect your self and your loved ones

God bless all of us 🙏🏼



Coic Humanitarian Initiative Team!

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