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OPen LeTTer.

Dear young fellows.

Am not that aged but I have experienced some things you haven't.

These are the words I would want someone to tell my daughter/son when she/he is in her/his puberty stage.

You are lucky you still young, you still have the opportunity that I don't still have, please use that opportunity wisely don't rush into things.

Take one step at a time.

The world is running at a high speed you can never touch it.

Those you look up to have passed through a lot to reach there.

For now, do the needful and put your trust in Allah/God the rest will fall to your steps with ease.

If you still blessed and you have your parents please, follow their words and ethics.

If you have a guardian do the same.

Remember this life is yours and time wasted is never gained.

Think of your life in 15years to come.

Charity is my calling-

Save the next generation-

Wisdom regards,

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