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Your donations to CIOC is helping needy children to acquire scholastic materials for their education

Dear Humanitarian,

We greatly appreciate your donation you made recently to Our Cioc Humanitarian

It is through the generosity of individuals like you that we can carry out our work. Thank you!

There are thousands of inspiring causes to support in Uganda and around the world, so we’re grateful you chose to support our work. Thank you for being a part of our team of supporters that are making our driven objective a reality.

Since you became part of our team, we will be happy sending you some updates about our work-events and activities.

This will help us to keep you informed about all our accomplishments and show you how your generous donation was used.

We hope you enjoy learning about our work and continue to stay engaged with our team.

Please consider telling your friends and family about our several driven objectives.

Our work is always aimed at mainstreaming the vulnerable members of Our several communities:

- The homeless, street children, orphans, and semi orphans,

- Helpless seniors,

- Young school dropouts,

- HIV victims including children living with HIV/AIDS.

Our initiative offers support and protection through medication, food, and education by engaging in subsistence agricultural farming.

We are still struggling to help more than 300 needy children to have scholastic materials.

Please donate here:

You can share on social media, or just bring us up in conversation. Sharing with your community why you chose to support our organization will help us increase our impact.

Gratefully yours,

Luyiga Grace

Coordination Officer.

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