We are CIOC Humanitarian Initiative Co. Ltd.

A charity that promotes self-reliance and community development.

If you would like to make a donation, in-kind or cash or want to learn more about us and what we do, please don't hesitate to reach out to us:

Tel: +256 393 228 921 / 0200983983

WhatsApp: +256 774 099 393

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 30247 Clock Tower Kampala-Uganda


CIOC Humanitarian Initiative works to: 

  • Provide primary health care to community residents.

  • Organize sanitation collection and disposal and removal of environmental conditions that affect health conditions.

  • Construct boreholes for clean drinking water and safe access to water.


CIOC Humanitarian Initiative is always SEEKING for Volunteers AND Philanthropists AROUND THE GLOBE!

We are moving forward to a new era of helping needy,

under the mantra of "I am for charity". 


Let us spread kindness, peace & wisdom. Let your sacrifice impact the lives of others. 


Transparency, integrity, and accountability assured! Join us!

Since our inception, we’ve worked around the clock to expand our causes and help those who need our help. Every contribution goes toward making our community a better place, so if you’re looking to contribute a donation or your time, please get in touch today. Making a positive difference has never been so easy.


CIOC Humanitarian Initiative Co.Ltd. is a community-based charity in Uganda covering many communities in Mityana District. Our main purpose is to improve the physical and socio-economic well-being of people at the most basic level in order to stabilize their health and to enable them to establish a viable existence.

We represent a new type of development effort in that we are working from the source of the need to define our efforts and implementation.


We are dependent on monetary contributions and donations of clothing and other materials, and services. We receive no contributions from government or private institutions.


We promote self-reliance of our community members by using donations to establish the most basic and stable framework for living: shelter, health, food and security, education, and employment access.


Our recipients are heavily involved in helping each other and thereby creating a permanent community development platform on which to improve their lives.

At CIOC HUMANITARIAN INITIATIVE CO.LTD. we’re always raising funds and promoting initiatives to help those who need it most.

With an array of fundraising events and volunteer projects, we welcome you to join our endeavors aimed at making the world a better place. Read on and contact us to learn how you can become part of the change.

Telephone: +256393228921 / 0200983983


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