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Another chance given to life!


We are determined to act on behalf of those who cannot acquire help for basic survival, shelter, healthcare and sustenance.

Five years ago a terrified mother with a year old child named Ellis, came to us for help because her son had a congenital heart problem which threatened his life. We could not fund the surgery but we sought a solution.

Gift of Life International in the United States facilitated the child's surgery in a hospital in Kampala -Mulago Heart Institute.

I am so happy to report that Ellis is growing up healthy and we are so grateful for the assistance that saved his life and the support of our dedicated Team in Uganda who coordinated the assistance.

Abaasi Humanitarian

Roy Nakalembe

Vivica Nassanga

Nantongo Sylvia

Kagoya Asinati

Sharon Naiga

Musoke Luyiga Grace

Viviana Mastrone

and many others.

Where there is a need, we will persist to help.

Great thanks and respect to Our

CIOC Development Advisor Volunteer

Donna S. Wirt

Ellis today, is healthy and growing up fast. ❤️ We wish him the best.

Thank you for choosing our charity among the hundreds of them in Uganda!

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