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Greetings from the front lines of Cioc- Humanitarian Initiative,

I am Abaasi Walugembe, the first responder of the Charity is  calling which sparked Charity is our Calling initiative abbrev. CIOC. We are a humanitarian relief project throughout Uganda, headquartered in the Mityana metropolis. Our programs take a keen interest in the support the medical relief of families impacted by HIV/AIDS as well as other stigmatizing diseases.Currently we are not sponsored  by either government or any NGO within and outside Uganda.  However, we provide a general sweep of humanitarian relief efforts which include visiting orphans, supplementing local food wares supplies, mediating clean and safe water.  Our support builds a strong and stable advocacy for the unemployed, street children and the indigent poor of our local communities. Our programs have significant stabilizing impact in the rural regions surrounding Mityana district. On behalf of the growing efforts of human rights,we have created The Uganda Charity Herald is support of human rights missions throughout Uganda.  On behalf of this growing effort of justice and advocacy for the common person, I would like to invite your company to advertise with our journal.  Our journal has a network dispersed across Uganda, intra-Africa, and the United States through the efforts of the CIOC press department. Competitive prices, wide reach, pure cause,when you advertise with The Uganda Charity Herald our advertisements reach a Western, EU, and internal continental audience.  These advertisements support the relief of suffering humanity as 100% of the proceeds go to our finance department to generate cash flow for our operations.  This means your advertisements are supporting human rights initiatives and not wide-bandwidth corporation’s internal monetizing agendas.  You can rest your head knowing someone received medical care or a hot meal because you chose to do business with us instead. Likewise, our advertisements are priced competitively. It costs less to run an ad in our journals than it does to create social media advertisements and social post campaigns.  You will receive the high standards of newsroom advertorial content for a  fraction of the price you would pay with other larger news networks or state owned media companies.Act today, save tomorrow. The Uganda Charity Herald publishes every Friday in the United States at 5 Pm CST US Time. It is published in PDF format to a LinkedIn--associated social network for roughly 10,000 people and growing.  In addition to our social network, we are growing subscription lists through email and our landing site. It will also post to our Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr handles as a staple of changing press cycle volume counts. Take action today. Write to to receive a competitive price sheet, more information about the reportage of The Uganda Charity Herald,the guarantee that your ads will be submitted to a network of peers and B2B  associations for mass scaling each ad’s value reach.  Action today saves you money for the future and saves tomorrow for men, women, and children in Uganda’s most remote access communities.Your time is of absolute value to us, We are deeply obliged to you for the time you have spent reading this letter. As thanks, we would like to offer you a free subscription to all past and future issues of The Uganda Charity Herald. Please write to us at to claim your free gift. IMPORTANT TO KNOW!! Here are the links to our most recent issues if she would like to read over them.  Issue 1 Issue 2 Issue 3 The Uganda Charity Herald is a newspaper project that generated out of the network student journalism project The New African Living Standard. It publishes as a direct activity of CIOC. Its circulation is through all of CIOC's major network medium including the private website, LinkedIn, Facebook, Tumblr, and future social handles. It will also circulate through direct email listing and member associations in the immediate future. The team behind The Uganda Charity Herald is also in the process of constructing a landing site for the paper as an individual initiative that will drive circulation to all of its issues and thus the ads posted in it.  All of the proceeds from ad revenue go toward the financing of future CIOC humanitarian initiative projects. Kindly,you can also open the attachment, and find away to support our generous needs/causes or your family/friend might assist in any possible way. Be blessed and be a blessing, to answer the call every morning,With regards,AbaasiCioc Founder/Director.Whatsapp contact: +256-774-099-393
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