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Let’s LaUGH agAiN!


Laugh until it hurts

Laugh because you can

Laugh until tears fall down

Laugh to leave your anxiety

Laugh to release your uncertainty

Laugh like you have a lot of toilet paper

Laugh like that kid inside of you wants to laugh

Laugh just because it makes you feel the goodness

Laugh so you can find the good in this bulls^$t

Laugh like you don’t care who’s watching U

Laugh so that you can release your worry

Laugh until you forgot what was funny

Laugh to release that pressure valve

Laugh until your sides hurt badly

Laugh until you pee yourself

Well don’t do that please

Laugh at yourself

Laugh again




It’s okay and time to laugh again, belly laughter

This does not mean we don't have work to - we do

This does not mean we can't speak up - we can

This does mean we just need to laugh again

Go ahead and find the humor and laugh

Let's start laughing again with together

Tell us below how you are laughing again?

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