There will never be a moment when you will be 100% ready. Eternal waiting can get you lost and make the biggest opportunities pass your nose. Therefore, procrastination and postponing something in time can only work against your disadvantage. That's why sometimes instead of analyzing and wondering what's next and if it's worth it, just go in if you feel it's a good way out. It's better to always try than regret that you didn't make the attempt. Set yourself priorities and don't wait, because it may be that when you decide, you will find that it is too late and not worth it. Use your chances, fight for your dreams and reach further than just the range of your eyesight. Remember that it isn't always that you will not let it go. Will you make a specific decision at least once and do it in the end without constant analysis? Remember: Fear has only big eyes.

Authored by

Abaasi Walugembe

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