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Duty To Allah

Qurban is a duty to Allah (SWT). It is the legacy of the Prophet Ibrahim and is a yearly program that takes place when Muslims around the world commemorate the Hajj and Eid Al-Adha.

Qurban is a significant time of the year that allows us to improve the nutritional intake of children in need, providing families with nutritious meat who have been unable to afford it for several months or years.

-Sacrificing a cow will produce a

greater yield, meaning high-quality meat will be distributed to a greater number of people in need. One cow is equivalent to seven Qurban; perfect for family members to combine!

-As per the rules for Qurban

livestock shares, one sheep

or goat is equivalent to one

Qurban. Charity is our calling (Cioc) Humanitarian Promise will

sacrifice a high-quality sheep or goat on

your behalf and distribute the

meat to families, widows and

orphans most in need.


Cioc Humanitarian’s Promise, a dedicated humanitarian aid organization, has been a beacon of hope across numerous communities in Uganda. Each year, we carry out our Qurban Appeal, a deeply embedded tradition of compassion, aiming to provide sustenance for widows and orphaned families who face immense challenges daily. We continue to rally behind the most vulnerable, offering them the essential lifeline of meat and food distribution.

Last year, we were able to provide Qurban to nearly 467 people impoverished families and orphans in several communities.

Let’s work hand in hand, standing together in the face of adversity, embracing the spirit of Qurban – because every life is a promise worth keeping.

Donate Your Qurban

1 Cow/bull cow 🐄 = $550.00

1 sheep 🐏 = $100.00

1 Goat 🐐 = $100.00

If you are donating more than one cow portion, sheep, or cow,

please choose Custom Amount and enter the full dollar value.

Eg. 2 Sheep = $200

Please, donate when you still have a chance for your donation to be accepted and benefit the needy:-

For special donations or packages reach:-

Mobile Money:-

Reason: Quban June 2024

+256774099393/ 0701099393

Abaasi Walugembe


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