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This is a special call for kindness!!

This morning he went to the burial ground and threw his back at his mum's grave and emotionally said in tears;-

"enough mummy" you have slept enough, wakeup, come with me to school tomorrow and give an answer to my teacher who likes saying your mother is very careless, she sends you to school without a lunch box she doesn't even dress you up properly and neither she doesn't make you do your homework.

Most of the kids/children we help are going through the same, we are doing our best to cover the gaps of lives without their biological parents.

We truest believe, your support to our cause will create a difference as we are advising some of the teachers to tame their tongues when speaking to pupils and students since most of them living lives without Parents.

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Kind reminder:-

We are still struggling to secure scholastic materials for more than 300 needy children

A secured link here below to make a difference:-


For parcel, could be pens, books, pencils, back bags and so on, use:-

Cioc Humanitarian initiative co.Ltd

P.O. Box 30247 Clock Tower Kampala -Uganda.

Thank you for choosing our Initiative.

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