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We improve the physical and social-economic well-being of people at the most basic level in order to stabilize their health and to enable them to establish viable existence.

We represent a new type of development effort in that we are working from the source of the need to define our efforts and implementation.

We are dependent on monetary contributions and donations of clothing and other materials, and services.

At the moment,we receive no contributions from government or private institutions.

We promote the self-reliance of our community members by using donations to establish the most basic and stable framework for living: food, shelter, health, food and security, education, and employment access for youth and school droupouts, we don't forget to rescue poor animals.

Today, we thank the anonymous donor who donated money for bicycles for Saddat and Bashiri and some clothes and rubber shoes,

Books and Uniforms plus school fees are also covered.

They are newly joined our charity making the number of 46 needy, orphaned and street children we are taking care of.

All the children we have a different stories, which we can share privately upon request.

It's only our initiative where your donations will not be swallowed /swindled.

We don't use your donation for administrative costs.

Please, we give you an opportunity always to make a difference:-


Thousands of charities in Uganda 🇺🇬 and Africa, you chose us, we thank you and we are proud of you!

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