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Let us stop domestic violence

Life lived without impact is no life at all. The best help is the one rendered to whom that cannot afford to pay back.

Next academic year is here, we appeal to help kids again to have a better future.

Have you made your new year resolutions?

Is helping the needy is among them?

Covid 19, Ebola, malaria and hunger all put 300 deprived kids and orphans of

Humanitarian Initiative at severe risk, but you can help them with hope.

We are also giving anyone an opportunity to sponsor or adopt a kid with less restrictions.

Your help can provide for the kids with:-

-Nutritious food

-Good health care


-Scholastic materials

-Safe places for children to learn and so on.

-School fees.

You can contact us through any of these links for your assistance:

Send your donations, gifts, and offerings to the address:-

CiocHumanitarian Initiative

P.o.Box 30247,

Kampala Uganda.

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