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SPREAD LOVe anD peAcE ✌️

We hope your today and every day is full of love, gratitude, and peace.

We are reflecting everyday about life, and how precious it truly is; our hearts need to be opened to see the joy and love around us.

Defenses, emotional walls, and rigidity do not protect us. Rather, they invite the very responses guaranteed to make one feel lonely and fearful.

It is through allowing one's vulnerability that you invite those around you to love you, honor you, and recognize your oneness with them.

When one can look within and say, "I am grateful for my family, friends, the ups, the downs, all of life...” then and then only then can one know true peace and gratitude.

Gratitude isn't competitive or blame. It isn't punishing or selective when times are good.

A grateful heart sees the absurdity of anger and resentment.

A thankful heart brings in more things to be grateful for.

Stay connected and stay safe:)

#motivation #inspiration #gratitude#humanity#wisdom#peace#love

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